Our History & Future Objectives

Clear CM was developed to provide a more responsive and relevant investment management partner for financial planners wishing to outsource some or all of their investment process. We can draw on considerable in-house expertise in the two disciplines of investment management and financial planning.

Clear CM provides a range of services to IFAs on a partnership basis, from bespoke discretionary investment services, including designing asset allocation and fund selection to discretionary model investment portfolios held on wrap platforms.

As a result of immediate IFA client demand, initial models are “multi-asset” and absolute return in style. This addresses demands, particulary amongst pensions investors, for an approach offering low volatility, insulation from stock market uncertainty and are benchmarked against cash.

We also offer Classic long only portfolios managed actively or using passive instruments. Clear CM seeks to structure consultative partnerships to gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy and strategy of each fund’s investment manager.

Such strategic partnerships are designed to leverage the skills and resources of other investment management groups.

Clear CM is a global investment management company seeking to develop services throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Clear CM has access to large amounts of data on capital market trends and on investment managers and their funds, through a range of investment partnerships.

We take this market information and decide how best to construct portfolios in terms of the most suitable asset mix that meets the objectives of the portfolio.

For example, a cautious, balanced or adventurous fund will generally hold the same underlying assets with differing risk:return characteristics (such as bonds, equities, hedge funds and commodities) but in different proportions

So, a cautious portfolio will hold more low risk assets such as bonds, whilst an adventurous portfolio will hold more equity, commodity and growth funds.