Clear Capital Management LLP announces reduction in Annual Management Charge (AMC) rates

Clear Capital Management LLP announces reduction in Annual Management Charge (AMC) rates

Clear CM has reduced the AMC on its Classic Model Portfolio range by 30 per cent.

The move, which sees the AMC reduced from 0.6 per cent (plus VAT) to 0.42 per cent (plus VAT), came into force on January 1st. It applies to all six of Clear CM’s Classic Portfolios, ranging from the Classic Cautious to the Classic Adventurous Plus models.

It is hoped that the more competitive rate will help introduce more investors to Clear CM’s broad range of investment portfolios, which have all outperformed their respective benchmarks significantly since inception. The lowest level of outperformance (as of the end of September 2017) was more than 38 per cent above the benchmark since inception, while the others were much larger than that.

Chairman of Clear CM, Stewart Wooles, proposed the AMC reduction at the company’s most recent board meeting in December.

He said: “Our entire portfolio range has been hugely successful month-on-month since launch. Even at the higher-pitched AMC rate, investors have seen very good returns. But we now feel some of the fruits of our success can be passed back to the investors.

“We obviously hope the lower rate will prove attractive to many new investors, but the decision also reinforces the strength of Clear CM’s investment strategy as well as its commitment to transparency.”

Stewart was appointed chairman of Clear CM by the company’s Senior Partner, Martin Vaughan, in 2017. Stewart has an extensive financial services background spanning several decades. He was the founder/director of the successful Interdependence IFA Network, and his numerous directorships and board positions include a current role with the IFA and fund management division of the WAY Group.


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