And the winner is...

And the winner is...

As we return to the grindstone after the festive break, conversations typically turn to whether your colleagues or clients had a good Christmas. Perhaps you might ask them “Did you get anything nice from Santa?”. Well, thank you for asking! As it happens, Clear CM is delighted to announce it received a very nice present in time for Christmas in the shape of a prestigious award.

Clear CM has been named Best Discretionary Portfolio Manager in England by the organisers of the 2017 Wealth & Finance Awards.

The W&F Finance Awards, now in its fourth year, recognises excellence in all sections of the industry, from asset managers to bankers, and financial planners to software developers.

Coincidentally, Clear CM has also been operating for about the same length of time as the awards. So, given our relative youthfulness, we are all the more delighted and proud to have been selected as a winner - even to have been shortlisted in the first place!

The awards organisers cited the company’s innovative approach to portfolio management as well as the very pleasing performance across the entire range of our portfolios: based on figures at the end of September 2017, the lowest performing portfolio has outperformed its benchmark by more than 38 per cent since inception, while others have been significantly higher than that.

Clear CM’s Senior Partner Martin Vaughan was also singled out for his “clear vision” and expert knowledge, both of investment markets and the financial planning profession.

Sophie Milner, Awards Co-ordinator for W&F said: “These awards are a badge of honour, a stamp of excellence, and all of our award winners are part of an exclusive and illustrious group comprising of some of the most influential names in the financial market.”

So, just before Christmas, a rather weighty award was delivered to our offices. It will remain here in plain sight, to remind us all of the fact that hard work can achieve some excellent results. Here’s wishing you all a happy and successful New Year.


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Author: Martin Vaughan


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