Our Philosophy

A different approach to investment management

Clear CM operates a range of model investment portfolios on a number of investment platforms.

We have developed multi asset investments, some with a target absolute return and some with a relative return, suitable for both large and small investors.

Our Process

Carefully balancing asset allocation with risk capacity

We create portfolios where the performance characteristics of specific assets or funds are classified as to how they contribute to portfolio design.

These specific assets can generally be divided into one of three categories: Anchors, Diversifiers and Enhancers.

The principal allocation of these asset classes is individually allocated to each investment, depending on a client’s performance target.

Our Key Partners

Providing more resources and more expertise

Clear CM enjoys a strong professional network able to introduce significant capital inflows

Central to this network is our strategic partnerships with a number of investment groups and fund managers.

In this way, Clear CM is able to access intellectual capital and resources of a wide number of differing professionals in an efficient and cost effective way and without being tied to any particular doctrine. For investors, this streamlines Clear CM’s business, making it more efficient and so able to significantly lower the entry level required for investment capital to be managed.