Martin Vaughan

Senior Partner

Martin has a background in managing financial services businesses in today’s challenging regulatory environment and has been instrumental in assisting with a more professional and integrated profession as chair of the Institute of Financial Planning paraplanning committee.

He has run both independent financial planning practices and discretionary fund managers and is thus ideally positioned to integrate both of these separate disciplines into a coherent whole.

Martin has developed Clear CM to embody the philosophy he saw was lacking within the industry – a well resourced investment capability that responded to the needs of financial planners when creating solutions for their clients’ needs.

5 things Martin believes about investment planning:

  • Financial planners should outsource by creating a partnership with a business that understands their process and day-to-day challenges;
  • Investment expertise should be hired in, and investment managers should seek to leverage the expertise of fellow professionals through funds;
  • Risk is a key component of financial planning and should be properly understood;
  • A multi asset philosophy is vital to gain value for portfolios;
  • Innovation in product design and portfolio management should be embraced.

Nicki Hinton-Jones

Executive Consultant

Following a career of more than 15 years with UBS Global Asset Management, Nicki Hinton-Jones CFA has a thorough understanding of investment and financial management.

As a Global Equities Portfolio Manager, she was part of the team responsible for managing $60bn institutional clients’ assets at its peak. Her role involved identifying appropriate investment opportunities in global equity markets across all regions and industrial sectors in order to meet client performance and risk objectives. Latterly, Nicki also has responsibility for the risk management and portfolio construction of all global equity products.

Nicki has a price/instrinsic value based approach to investment, which she uses in collaborating with advisers when looking at investment strategies for clients. She believes that retail investors should receive the same quality of research and product that is available to institutional investors and that due diligence should be a core part of the investment process. With this in mind she established XPM Investment Consulting in November 2014 to provide support to financial advisers and planners in setting investment strategy.

5 things Nicki believes about investment planning:

  • Teamwork and pooling knowledge is vital;
  • A global outlook is necessary to find value and capture growth while ensuring clients achieve the maximum benefits of diversification;
  • Institutional standards should be made available to retail clients;
  • Detailed due diligence is necessary before investing in anything;
  • Investment propositions do not need to be overly complex - processes should be transparent and offer clients good value for money.

Chris Vaughan


Chris has worked within the portfolio department of a large regional fund manager and has acquired skills in portfolio management and implementation that are vital to the execution and smooth delivery of Clear CM’s services.

He is able to articulate clearly the rationale behind each Clear CM portfolio and the changes that are routinely made in response to risk parameters and changes in market conditions and so is often the first point of contact for IFA clients.

5 things Chris believes about investment planning:

  • Diversification is critical to responsible management of assets;.
  • There is no single style or philosophy that is always right – and an investment manager must be able to offer a wide range of often conflicting solutions;
  • Peer group comparisons are largely meaningless to investors – especially if that entire peer group has failed to perform;
  • There is no substitute for research;
  • Implementation and management charges can have a marked effect on overall performance and should be considered.